1st Newsletter

Articles : MUCF staff - third Global Minor Uses Summit announcement - first Stakeholder Advisory Forum - Long-term funding - a variety of Minor Uses issues already notified to the MUCF - the new EUMUDA is on track - CEG/HEG meetings 28-30 March 2017

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2nd Newsletter

Articles : March Expert meetings - new EUMUDA - Biologicals - Global minor uses - IPM and Western IR-4 - EPPO Working Party / PPP

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3rd Newsletter

Articles : Launch of the new EUMUDA - MU Steering Group meeting - OECD EGBP Seminar - Global MU and MS priorities - CEG-HEG autumn and spring meetings - International Hop Conference

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4th Newsletter

Articles : outcomes of the Global Minor Use Summit, Minor Uses meetings, an interview with Johan Roman, updates on the long-term funding and developments of EUMUDA, and other activities of the MUCF

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