1st Newsletter

Articles : MUCF staff - third Global Minor Uses Summit announcement - first Stakeholder Advisory Forum - Long-term funding - a variety of Minor Uses issues already notified to the MUCF - the new EUMUDA is on track - CEG/HEG meetings 28-30 March 2017

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2nd Newsletter

Articles : March Expert meetings - new EUMUDA - Biologicals - Global minor uses - IPM and Western IR-4 - EPPO Working Party / PPP

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3rd Newsletter

Articles : Launch of the new EUMUDA - MU Steering Group meeting - OECD EGBP Seminar - Global MU and MS priorities - CEG-HEG autumn and spring meetings - International Hop Conference

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4th Newsletter

Articles : outcomes of the Global Minor Use Summit, Minor Uses meetings, an interview with Johan Roman, updates on the long-term funding and developments of EUMUDA, and other activities of the MUCF

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5th Newsletter

Articles : continuity and long-term funding of the MUCF, feedback from Second Stakeholder Advisory Forum, Integrated Pest Management, spring Minor Uses meetings, the Guidance Document on Minor Uses, EPPO non taxonomic classification, REFIT activities, the new Chair of the Horizontal Expert Group and future Minor Uses and OECD meetings

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6th Newsletter

Articles : long-term funding and changes in the governance of the MUCF, updated minor uses priorities of Europe in EUMUDA, update on the REFIT, feedback from the EPPO Working Party on Plant Protection Products and from OECD meetings, information on Horizon 2020, and an interview with Vivian Powell

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