The Coordination Facility supports the activities of the Commodity Expert Groups by providing, maintaining and filling in the European Minor Use Database EUMUDA. It encourages the Member States to provide important information such as national needs lists, available trials and studies, acreage of crops, national reference lists of minor/major crops/uses to be added to EUMUDA as an essential basis for the cooperation of all parties. It promotes the use of such a database to stakeholders, including the Agri-Food Chain partners.

The Coordination Facility has actively been developing a new EUMUDA over the past months. The existing EUMUDA has been a very useful tool over the past years. However, it has become clear that the information needs to be updated and that the way current projects and lists are displayed can be improved.

The benefits of the new EUMUDA are that it is a new tool for CEGs, with a more detailed follow up of each project.

More accurate and consistent information for each case/project is also available.

Information can be entered with selective lists (drop down menus) and the fields for the intended uses (GAP-table) are similar to that used in PPPAMS, for better exchange of information.

PPPAMS is the EU Plant Protection Products Application Management System. The PPPAMS is developed by the European Commission to enable industry users to create applications for PPPs and submit these to Member States for evaluation.

The official launch of "New" EUMUDA took place on 28 June 2017, during the meeting of the Minor Uses Steering Group.

The Second Global Minor Use Priority Setting Workshop was held on 4 October 2017 in Montreal, Canada.

In preparation for the priority setting meeting, a survey on minor use needs in EU Member States was carried out by the MUCF. A response was received from 14 EU Member States and Norway. The result of the survey is available in EUMUDA.

In addition, rules for confidentiality and access rights have been approved by the Minor Uses Steering Group and are now available in the database. The MUCF is working on implementing these rules in EUMUDA.