The Commodity Expert Group (CEG) Seeds addresses the needs on Minor Uses for seed treatment and seed production. The group consists of experts from the seed industry, as well as National Authorities and research institutes.

Close collaboration between the CEG Seeds and crop protection companies has been established over the last years in order to exchange on the latest developments on both chemical as well as biological active ingredients that can cover the needs of the CEG.

In recent years, the availability of active ingredients for use as seed treatment and in seeds production has decreased in the European Union. Information on new EU active ingredient approvals and product authorisations is actively shared within the group. Possibilities to extend authorisations for uses on seeds are explored. Seed treatment and seed production uses are often considered - very - minor. This fact in combination with the complexity of the authorisation processes in general, pose challenges on building good business cases for such applications.

In working together as MUCF, CEG Seeds and crop protection industry we trust we will develop solutions for our priority needs.

Please click here to download a presentation from the CEG Seeds, providing background information about seed treatment and seed production in Europe, highlighting seed treatment advantages, also providing figures on the European and world market, and describing the role and action of the Commodity Expert Group Seeds and experiences and expectations towards the MUCF.

Moreover, the CEG Seeds has prepared a specific table of needs that you can download here: Table of needs from the CEG Seeds