Meetings organised by MUCF in 2017

22 November 2017, Brussels, Belgium
Meeting of the "Minor Uses Steering Group"
  SG meeting report 
1 to 3 November 2017, Dublin, Ireland
Meeting of the Horizontal Expert Group and some Commodity Expert Groups
  Final Programme  CEG meeting report  HEG meeting report 
18 to 19 October 2017, Obernai, France
Hops Commodity Expert Group meeting
21 to 22 June 2017, Paris, France
Commodity Expert Group Chairs Meeting
  Meeting report 
28 to 30 March 2017, Brussels, Belgium
Commodity and Horizontal Expert Group Meeting
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25 January 2017, Brussels, Belgium
First Stakeholder Advisory Forum
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Meetings attended by MUCF in 2017

30 November to 1 December 2017, Barcelona, Spain
Southern European Crop Protection Conference 2017
23 November 2017, Amsterdam, Netherlands
R&D of Agri products conference
24 to 25 October 2017, Bratislava, Slovakia
21st Central European Regulation Forum (CEUREG)
23 to 25 October 2017, Basel, Switzerland
Annual Biocontrol Industry Meeting
16 to 17 October 2017, Brussels, Belgium
ECPA- FoodDrinkEurope Residues Workshop
1 to 4 October 2017, Montreal, Canada
Third Global Minor Uses Summit (GMUS-3)
25 to 27 April 2017, Fort Collins, Colorado, United States of America
"Biopesticides Workshop for the IR-4 Program" on how to integrate biopesticides into conventional minor crop IPM systems
11 to 12 April 2017, Budapest, Hungary
5th Annual Eastern Europe Regulatory Conference: Registration of Plant Protection Products
15 to 16 March 2017, Brussels, Belgium
ECPA-ECCA Regulatory Conference Crop Protection
8 to 9 February 2017, Berlin, Germany
Crops and Chemicals Europe
7 February 2017, Brussels, Belgium
5th Symposium: Unlocking the IPM triangle- Using Green tools 1st
31 January 2017, Paris, France
Colloque Biocontrole 2017- IBMA France